Sunday, March 2, 2014

C4K 1

C4K #1
picture of smiling sharkThe student's blog that I left a comment for was Adam from Ms. Toal's class. Adam wrote about a skype that his class did with "Sharky Gilligan" and all of the new information that they learned about sharks. He told about the large number of sharks that are killed every year for reasons that are pointless. He also learned that sharks do not really like the taste of humans but love seals.
I commented to Adam that I had a nine year old boy that would love to learn all of those interesting things about sharks, (and skyping too). Adam did a great job with his blog and it was a fun read!

C4K #2
picture of computer games for kids
For this weeks post I comment on Micah's blog. Micah is in Mrs. Caddy's Class. Micah blogged about three reasons that he likes technology. He mainly likes to play games on them, which would be a pretty typical reason for a boy in the sixth grade.
I told Micah that I like technology but for different reasons and I also shared with him that I am just now learning how to blog. Micah's blog post was very short and to the point but really cute!

C4K #3
1st corinthians chapter 13 4 and 5
This week I read and commented on Dillon's blog. Dillon is in Mrs. Reuter's class and he wrote about love. For his blog he included his own definition of what love was along with the Bible's 1 Corinthians 13 verse about what love is. His post was both thoughtful and thorough and I enjoyed reading it. For my response I commented that I had a nephew named Dillon and that my nephew was a U.S. marine. I also commented that I liked his blog about love and that the bible was the perfect reference on that subject!

C4K #4

picture of the word believeFor this C4K blog I commented on a 16 year old girls blog. I did not see her name posted anywhere but it looks like a fairly new blog so I am assuming that she is still in the learning process. Her post was entitled "Just believe". She writes about how she is learning to believe in herself and she says that she believes that if you believe in yourself you can go far in life. She also talks about how she is learning who her true friends are and that it is her true friends that have helped her make it this far in life. She also said that parts of her life have been tough but she knows that God will never give us more than we can handle.
I commented that I have just started learning to blog so she is already ahead of me! I also agreed with her that God will never give us more than we can handle and that I have seen that to be true throughout my own life.

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