Sunday, March 30, 2014

C4K 2 post 1 and 2

Picture of Mata

C4K Post #1

This is Mata and I commented on her video blog this week. Mata is a little girl in Mrs. She's class in the first grade and she says in her video that she loves to swim. I commented to her that I am a student like her and that my little girl loves to swim also. Mrs. She has a cute class and is doing some creative things with technology in her room. I loved it! You can visit it their class blog too, just click the link below...
Little Voices, Little Scholars

Picture of Lani

C4K Post #2

For this week's C4K, I visited Lani's blog. Lani lives in NZ and for her post she created a pirate map. Her assignment was focused on directions such as North, South, East and West. I thought this was a very creative and fun way for children to learn how to give and follow directions. Lani is in the fifth grade and says that she loves to play at the beach. I commented to Lani that my little girl loves to play at the beach just like she does. I also commented that I loved her pirate map and that it looked like a fun project to make. I was once again impressed with the creativity of the teacher, Mrs. Lavakula making learning fun for the students! If you would like to visit their class blog you can click the link listed below. 
Mrs. Lavakula's class blog

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