Sunday, February 2, 2014

Blog Post #3

For this weeks blog assignment, we watched videos describing what it means to Peer Edit. We learned that editing is a combination of complementing, making suggestions and offering corrections where they may be needed. Also, it is very important that you stay positive throughout the process of editing your peers' blogs. Remember, someone has spent their time and thought in creating their blog and it is important that we respect that and use this as a time to help make their blog better, not rip them and their blog apart, (that could do more harm than good).
Some things to consider when making our suggestions to the writer are, "word choice, using details, organization- can you understand what the author is trying to say? Sentences- Are the sentences too long or too short? Topic- Does the author stick to the topic...?" (Tutorial Peer Editing). Also, it is important to check for mistakes in the work such as spelling, grammar, punctuation. All of these things are important in making sure that the work has an impact that is positive and sends the message that was intended. It is easy for a reader to become sidetracked with bad grammar or maybe to be confused with what the author is trying to say if the writing is not clear. When these steps are done correctly, peer editing can be a useful and positive experience.
What is Peer Editing?
Peer Edit with Perfection
Writing Peer Review Top 10 Mistakes
Picture of three steps to peer editing


  1. I completely agree that it is very important to stay positive in this process. I know we spend a lot of time doing our blogs every week. We need to be considerate when commenting on any blog. I love your blog Nancee it looks very nice.

  2. Nancee, I agree with you and Kelsey that staying positive throughout the critiquing is key. I feel like learning the right balance with staying positive and making sure the mistakes are fix will be an important part of our teaching career. The three steps for peer editing would be great on a board in a classroom during peer edit week. You are doing a great job on your blog. Keep up the good work.

  3. Great job. Remember to include links to the original sources. I suggest google searching something like "html code for links" but there are also directions in the instruction manual.