Sunday, February 23, 2014

C4T #2

Post #1
picture of children sitting on piles of books while smiling and waving
My teacher for this week was Pernille Ripp and the name of his blog post is Reading is Bigger Than Us. For this post, Ripp wrote about reading and how it goes beyond just being able to tell about the book or even beyond writing book reports. Ripp believes that reading a book and then being able to discuss it help to develop thinking and conversation skills that students carry through into their adult years. Ripp states that "we ask questions about books because we must learn to ask questions of others. We must learn to adapt to any conversation thrust upon as adults. To engage and be engaging whenever needed". It is basically connecting with the book and developing thoughts to be able to analyze the work.
I commented that I liked her thoughts about how reading helps us to develop thoughts that go beyond the surface and help us to develop thinking skills. Reading has always given an advantage to students and now there seems to be another good reason to read!

Post #2
This teacher's post was titled "The Kid Who Walked Through My Door Last Night", by Pernille Ripp.
picture of two children embracing and an inscription that says, to make a difference in someones life you don't have to be brilliant, rich, beautiful or perfect. You just have to care enough to be there
This post was a touching story of a middle school child that came back to visit a teacher that they once had before and to ask for help with math. It doesn't take long for the teacher to realize that what this child is looking for is not help with math, but reassurance that everything is going to be okay. They aren't doing the best in their class, they are either tired or laughing out loud too much and at inappropriate times and making their teachers frustrated with them. This child remembers the kindness that their former teacher has shown and the feeling a acceptance that they always felt in that teachers class and this is why they have reached out to this teacher above any other.
I commented that to read a story like this is a reminder of why I have chosen this profession above any other. Teaching is about educating the next generations but it is also about giving the children a place to feel safe and accepted. It is a reminder that in many ways we will be more than educators but also role models and friends. I loved this blog post and it is one that I will visit and read again from time to time as a reminder of why I have chosen teaching as my profession.

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