Sunday, April 20, 2014

Blog Post 13 "What Did I Leave Out"

Elementary Education

Describe a challenge you might encounter in regard to PBL and, or using technology in the classroom and how you would address this challenge.

Picture of three adults around computer in classroomThroughout this semester in EDM310, our focus has been on using technology in the classroom and on PBL. I have been convinced more and more throughout this process that PBL is a very effective way to learn, and teaching children how to use technology properly in their pursuit of knowledge and information is not only the wave of the future, but is in large part, what is taking place in our world today. However, although the goal is to actually see more technology being used in productive ways in the classroom, the educational system is still in the developing stage in a lot of systems. Lack of funds means lack of technological tools. So, the question for us as future teachers is how do we help guide our classroom in PBL while at times not having sufficient tools for this style of teaching? The question is not really whether there will be challenges concerning having proper tools, but what will our challenges be? No matter the question, we need to be prepared as educators to be able to be flexible and creative in order to meet those challenges and move forward in spite of them.
Maybe there are not enough working computers in the classroom for small groups to each have one for their projects. Is there a computer lab available and can the class schedule be worked out to be able to utilize it to the extent needed for the projects? These are variables and unknowns that will have to be addressed at different levels and times throughout each of our teaching careers. So how do we address this kind of challenge? Always be well prepared and have a backup plan, be flexible and remember that these are all learning situations. Take away something useful in each of these situations and use the experience to build on and make us better. It is important not to allow these challenges to keep us from going forward but to allow every experience, both good and bad, to make us better!
Picture of teacher helping student on computer

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  1. This is very well written. I really like your point that as educators we will have to be very flexible because we don't always know what is going to happen. Good job.