Monday, April 21, 2014

C4K #3

Post #1

Picture of QuziyahMeet Quziyah! She is a year 8 student at Pt England school in NZ. For Quziyah's post, she did a bibliography about Rosa Parks. Quziyah was thorough with her post and even included a cute music video about the life of Rosa Parks for us to watch.
I commented that I really liked her post and that it is sad to think that people disrespected each other just because of the color or their skin and that civil rights has come a long way since those days. Below, I have included the link to the video that is on Quziyah's blog post for you to watch as well!
Check out video here!

Post #2

#Maihsh Tamaki College Crowns up 
From Elizabeth
For this week, I commented on Elizabeth's blog. Elizabeth is a student at Pt England School in Auckland, N.Z. In her post, Elizabeth writes that Tamaki College won! Elizabeth is obviously a huge Tamaki College fan and so is her family. From what I can tell from the post and a little bit on twitter and google, it looks like Tamaki College won some kind of radio contest. 
I commented that I could tell by reading her post that she was a very big Tamaki College fan and for that reason I am glad that they won! 

Post #3

picture of Anna
Meet Anna! Anna is a year 4 student at Pt England School in Auckland, N.Z. and her teacher's name is Miss. Nalder. Anna blog was entitled "Marvelous Math" which was a  series of math problems that she work out on her blog. When scrolling down her blog, I could see that she worked a lot of her school work on her blog. I really liked that her school work is accessible online for her family to be able to view anytime. This is another way for parents or caregivers to stay connected with what their students are doing at school.

I commented to Anna that I liked the idea of her doing some of her work online and that I would like to have my future students do that some day. Anna also had a guide posted to her blog that served as a reminder of what private information was versus personal information, complete with examples of each. I really like the idea of having a guide like that posted and accessible to the student every time they log online. I posted a picture below for you to view as well.

Personal and Private information guide

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