Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Project #16 Group Las Vegas ibook

Picture of "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign
This is group Las Vegas!
Our group members are Nancee Dehoff, Kelsey Bramlett, Angela Garrone and Kevin Reese. For our ibook theme we chose roller coasters because they represent the many ups, downs, twist and turns  throughout our EDM310 experience. In our ibook we have put together a collection of our favorite blog posts, "Our Sentence" videos, "Our Passion" videos, quick thoughts on various subjects that involve self-reflection, use of technology in schools, tech literacy and use of technology in the classroom. All of these along with a few of our projects that we created throughout the semester are included in our ibook. We hope that all who see our ibook will enjoy their visit through the pages of our time in EDM310!

picture of roller coaster

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